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Tips for Transitioning into Fall

September is here, and with it a time of transition and re-focusing of energies. A transition for

the Earth, our bodies, our minds and even our Cannabis medicine. At this time, the Cannabis

plant is receiving all of the environmental cues that summer is coming to an end, days are

getting shorter and the air is cooler and dryer, so flowering must begin before the Fall.

Although 2020 has not felt like a normal year, syncing to the Earth’s cycles and maintaining a

strong connection with the natural changes around us, give us the sense of stability in times of

uncertainty, and can help us prepare and adapt to changes within, and outside of us

In the last days of summer, connect to your truest self, listen to the planet, to the cannabis plant

and just like they are, prepare for change. Balancing the nature of the fall climate with lifestyle

choices that counteract potential season-induced imbalances is one of the best ways to protect

your well-being. If we consider the yogic perception based on Ayurvedic medicine, that

opposites balance, Fall season (which is cool, light, dry, windy, and unpredictable) will be less

aggravating if you fill it with warmth, oiliness, deep nourishment, loving relationships, and a

sense of stability, routine, and groundedness.

Here are a few ways to shift your energy into the autumn season!

1. Eat warm-cooked seasonal foods. By making diet and lifestyle choices that counter the

effects of each season, you can better maintain your internal sense of equilibrium.

Mother nature knows what she’s doing. Things are in season at a particular time for a

reason. Seasonal foods support our bodies with what they need during each season.

With fall comes new seasonal produce at the local farmers market and grocery stores.

Design a meal plan that reflects what’s available now. Incorporate all the root veggies of

the season, like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, parsnips, turnips, carrots,

and beets.

2. Stock up on teas and lemons which will help keep you hydrated, warm and fluid during

the cooler and dryer months. Drinking teas throughout the day soothes your nervous

system and helps the body adapt to changes all while boosting your immune system.

Some of our favorites teas to drink include ginger tea, chamomile tea, hibiscus tea,

cinnamon tea, matcha tea and roasted dandelion tea.

3. Stock up on vitamins and supplements that boost your immune system and help you

adapt to stress. Include lots of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Zinc, Ashwagandha, an immune

boosting Medicinal Mushroom Complex, Nettle Leaf, and Probiotics.

4. Don’t forget to ground, we are all electromagnetic beings and we benefit from making

physical connections with the earth. Spend time in nature, kick off your shoes and bask

in the changes happening around you, let them signal to your body that it is time to

transition and bloom before the fall.

5. Adopt a morning ritual that grounds you and boosts your Endocannabinoid system, the

system that assists your body in maintaining its balance. Incorporate CBD/Cannabis,

yoga, meditation and breathing exercises to your morning daily routine.

6. Sleep well. While it’s clear that how much you sleep is key to optimal health, research

also shows that consistency in sleep routines also plays a big role. Our bodies follow a

Circadian Rhythm which relies on consistency, seeking to adapt its rhythm as sunlight

becomes less available. Having good quality of sleep, will assist in having better mental

performance, improved mood, a better immune system and overall better health and

longevity. Set a bedtime and a waketime without varying more than two hours on days


7. Set an intention for the season ahead. Intentions are your aim or purpose for doing what

you are doing right now. A determination to act in a certain way. They keep you in the

moment and can be a reminder of how you want to live out each day. For example your

intention could be; be focused on my breath, open my mind to all possibilities, love and

listen to my body, be aware of my beautiful surroundings, find love in everyone, stay

positive and so on.

8. Nurture social connections. Okay, this is tricky these days but it is very important to

consider the benefits of social interactions vs. complete isolation. Research shows “the

lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking, and high

blood pressure.” Strong social connection has many positive health benefits, it increases

longevity by up to 50%, strengthens your immune system, helps you recover from

disease faster, and reduces levels of anxiety and depression. In other words, having

strong social connections has huge benefits in emotional and physical well-being. It can

be as simple as meeting for tea, taking a walk, or attending a yoga class or community

event with family or friends.

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