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Our Mission

We Aim to Enhance the Perception of our Communities through Wellness Education, Experiences & Connection.


Estefania Valencia and Salam Diri founded SannaOhana Yoga & Wellness in New Jersey, 2017

In 2016 Estefania was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Salam suffered a partial tear to his bicep tendon and had to have surgery. After being treated by the conventional medical system for a few months, they realized that pharmaceuticals were not helping either of them to fully heal. They both turned to CBD & Cannabis instead for its balancing, anti-inflammatory, neuro-protective and pain relieving properties and experienced immediate improvement. 

They adopted an all natural- balancing lifestyle- which included self healing practices such as breathing techniques, restorative yoga, meditation, acroyoga, Qi Gong, Capoeira, organic whole food diets, herbal teas and supplements, intermittent fasting, hot & cold exposure and much more. They fully and quickly healed to the surprise of their doctors. Salam and Estefania were both told that they would never fully recover or return to their active lifestyle again.

Our Story
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Sanna Means Perception in Sanskrit
Ohana Means Family

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Inspired by their Wellness Journey, they founded SannaOhana with the mission to educate communities on the Endocannabinoid System & the conscious use of Cannabis Medicine. Estef & Salam both recognized the need for wellness education and stress management tools, especially in those communities most marginalized and affected by the War on Drugs.

 They aim to empower communities with knowledge on the plant's versatility & health, economic, environmental, & social benefits in a nurturing & supportive environment.


" If there is anything we learned in our healing journey is that there are infinite ways we can heal with nature, our breath, body, mind and community"   - Estefania

About our Events

Estef & Salam entered the industry with their iconic Sanna CBD Yoga events, which later on, developed into Cannabis Wellness events once the plant became legal in New Jersey. The events allow you to experience different ways the Cannabis plant can be used in healthy ways and provide information on how students can continue nurturing their Endocannabinoid system - The most vital regulatory system in the body - Cannabis is one way to do it.

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Community Event

Estef & Salam are also advocates in the Cannabis industry and in health & wellness space, speaking on the need to restore our connection with the cannabis plant with knowledge, conscious use and education, so that our communities can be the prominent forces within this industry.

For hundreds of years our communities have been lied to about our history and connection to the cannabis plant. Cannabis prohibition and the war on drugs has been used to oppress us and disconnect us from our medicine, our health, our freedom, our traditions and spirituality. Lies and propaganda from decades ago are still preventing our people from achieving total equity. Economic Equity, Environmental equity, Health equity & Social equity.


We have an opportunity to apply cannabis policy to holistically uplift our black, indigenous, asian, middle eastern, latin communities most affected by the war on drugs. We need to set an example for the rest of the world to follow, so that we can claim our right to total equity - full health, wellbeing and prosperity.

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SannaOhana Music
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