We Aim to Enhance the Perception of our Communities through Education & Yoga

Sanna Means Perception in Sanskrit

Ohana Means Family

Our Story


SannaOhana Yoga & Wellness was started in 2017 in Hoboken, New Jersey by MMJ patients, advocates, and yoga instructors Estefania Valencia and Salam Diri - with the mission to educate people about the incredible health benefits the cannabis plant  and yoga have to offer. 


Only a couple of weeks after they began dating in 2016, Estefania was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and Salam suffered a partial tear to his bicep tendon. After being treated by the Conventional Medical system they quickly realized that pharmaceuticals were not helping either of them to fully heal. They both turned to CBD & Cannabis instead for its balancing, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and pain relieving properties and experienced immediate improvement. 


They began to adopt an all natural- balancing lifestyle- with self healing

practices like breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, acroyoga, capoeira, organic whole food diets, natural herbs, intermittent fasting, hot and cold exposure and more. They fully and quickly recovered to the surprise of many doctors who had not been very positive about both of their healing prognoses. Salam and Estefania were both told by their doctors that they would never fully recover or return to their active lifestyle again.

They entered the industry with their iconic Sanna CBD Yoga events with the mission to educate and enhance their communities' perception toward the Cannabis plant by empowering them with knowledge of their Endocannabinoid System, the body's balancing system, and other self-healing tools.

 They  designed a lifestyle centered on nourrishing the Endocannabinoid System and achieving balance in every aspect of life - physical, mental and spiritual. We invite you to explore our site, learn,  shop, join our community, take our classes and experience the benefits of enhancing your own body's Endocannabinoid System.


Estefania Valencia

Estefania Valencia is a Cannabis educator and advocate who uses yoga, meditation and breathing techniques to introduce practitioners to the health benefits of the Cannabis plant. Born in Colombia and raised in Hudson Co. NJ, her passion for medicine and animal life led her to obtain a BS in Zoology from SUNY, Oswego. Estefania uses her experience in the veterinary and medical field, combined with her teaching expertise and passion for healing, to educate and empower self healing in individuals and their communities.

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Salam Diri

Salam Diri is a health & wellness expert, Cannabis advocate, educator and community outreach professional who was born and raised in Hudson Co., N.J. Salam has a versatile skill set, He obtained a BS in Psychology from Rutgers Newark and has extensive experience in building and maintaining interpersonal relations. Salam also has  a strong passion, background and expertise as a personal trainer, yoga instructor, Mixed Martial Artist, Sky Diver, gym manager and business owner.

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