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ESTtech Hosts Successful After-Party, Highlighting Networking and Business Opportunities

June 20, 2024 – New York, NY

ESTtech recently held a highly successful after-party event on June 5th, following the CWCBE convention at the Javits Center in NYC. The after-party took place at Work'n'Roll NYC, aimed at connecting attendees, service providers, professionals, and operators in the area, creating invaluable networking opportunities and fostering significant business connections. The event attracted a diverse crowd, many of whom found the business partners and opportunities they were looking for.

The ESTtech after-party brought together professionals from various industries, offering a platform for meaningful interactions and collaborations. Attendees had the chance to engage with like-minded individuals, leading to numerous fruitful connections and potential business ventures.

"We are delighted with the turnout and the quality of interactions that took place," said Kevin Jordan, ESTtech general manager. "Our goal was to create an environment where professionals could connect and grow, and we are thrilled to see so many successful outcomes."

The ESTtech After Party was held at Work'n'Roll NYC, providing an excellent venue for the evening's networking and activities.

The event was made possible through the generous support of our sponsors.

"We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors. Their support played a crucial role in the success of the event."



North Bergen's 1st cannabis dispensary, due to open in mid-July.

Instagram: @hudhaus

Jetty Extracts

A cannabis brand on a mission to discover and responsibly create the best cannabis products to enhance people's lives and well-being.

Instagram: @jettyextracts

Lions Share Creative

A provider of business advisory services including consulting, design, construction, software, and project management services for the cannabis, hospitality, and franchising industries.

5 Boro

Embraces the NYC culture and represents the cannabis culture of New Yorkers.

Instagram: @5boro_

The Aubrey Group

Provides grant writing, cannabis licensure, public policy research, private sector compliance, and strategic planning services.

Instagram: @theaubreygroup

SannaOhana Wellness

Provides education, community, and wellness events and retreats to the community.

Instagram: @sannacbdyoga

Website: SannaOhana

U.S. Payment Services

Provides ATM services to the community

Thomas Spooner


An oil applicator providing the easiest, most versatile way to experience hemp, CBD, essential oils, and cannabis.

Instagram: @thedablicator

Images by: NYC Vibe Tribe

About ESTtech:

ESTtech has been a premier LED grow light company since 2001. Our innovative team has developed exceptional lighting products optimized for efficiency, performance, and plant health. Whether you are a hobbyist or run a large industrial facility, our lights offer the versatility and control you need to maximize your indoor growing.

ESTtech has been committed to creating research-driven LED grow lights for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve developed a series of innovative technologies that allow our lights to perform at an unparalleled scale. Our advanced features include:

  • Light distribution capabilities: Built with secondary optical elements that emit light beams at angles from 30-90°, penetrating deep into the canopy and increasing plant strength.

  • Violet/warm and white/far red control: Enhanced control over different light spectrum ranges to simulate plant life cycles, improving health and efficiency.

  • A full warm white spectrum: Diodes supporting wavelengths from 280 nm to 800 nm, mixing HPS and CMH spectrum for optimal plant growth.

  • Passive thermal features: Overbuilt heat sinks to reduce heat, noise, utility bills, and maintenance needs.

Each ESTtech light is built to the highest standards using quality materials in an ISO 9001 Certified facility, complying with IEC and ANSI directives. At ESTtech, our goal is to deliver extraordinary lighting products that will upgrade your grow space.

Contact Information:

For more information, please contact:

Salam Diri


Images by NYC Vibe Tribe

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