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Introducing Tribetokes

At SannaOhana, we take pride in our long-standing collaboration with Tribetokes, a company that has consistently supported our mission to spread wellness within our communities. This year, we are especially grateful for Tribetokes' generous sponsorship at our Women's Renewal Retreat.

Tribetokes made it possible for one lucky woman to experience a transformative day at our retreat and generously provided delicious snacks for the entire event. Their unwavering commitment to wellness and their exceptional products have enriched our retreat experience, and we couldn't be more thankful.

We are excited to share more about Tribetokes and their dedication to health and wellness. Without further ado, we invite you to read our interview with Tribetokes to learn more about their inspiring work and contributions.

Can you tell us a little about your company and the core values that define it?

TribeTokes Co-founders Degelis + Kymberly are obsessed with developing healthy products with powerful therapeutic effects. After meeting in 2017 at an NYC Women Grow event, they realized they shared the same vision for providing access to clean cannabis products, and for growing a tribe or tight knit community of advocates and enthusiasts – and a partnership was born. 

Years later, they have built TribeTokes to 7-figures with no outside funding; the brand is entirely women-funded, owned and operated. The secret to their success? “Create products you wish existed, present them the way you’d like to receive them, and treat customers how you’d like to be treated.”

What inspired the founding of your company?

Back in 2016, Dege had already begun to pioneer the clean vaping movement. Smoking flower irritated her sensitive respiratory system, and vaping extracts at lower temperatures solved this problem for her. However, there were few trust-worthy vape oil options that were plant-based without unhealthy fillers, additives and artificial flavors. After building a bulletproof supply chain, she launched a strain-specific proprietary line of potent and effective vapes. It wasn’t until the Vape Crisis of 2019 that mainstream media including Rolling Stone and Forbes began to highlight TribeTokes for making cleaner vaping products.

What are the key products that you offer?

TribeTokes is first and foremost started out as a vaping company. We have since applied the clean cannabis concept to other categories, with a “better for you” line of gummies, topicals, tinctures and pet products. In a market lacking transparency, their guiding principle is “Never sell a product you wouldn’t give your own mother or sister.” As cannabis demand continues to grow, Dege and Kym encourage their peers to follow this mantra to make the industry a better place. 

Are there any new products that you are excited about?

We are thrilled to offer Live Resin THCA products that are chock full of cannabinoids with a smooth sensation and vaping experience. Strains like Runtz, White Widow and King Louie - something for everyone.

What unique benefits do you believe your products offer? 

  • Always lab tested and MOM approved :)

  • Never any artificial flavors, colors or fillers so you get all the good shit without the bullshit

How does sponsoring this women's retreat align with your company's goals?

As a women owned and operated company we are here to help elevate our amazing community of women. We have a saying “Instead of asking for a seat at the table, we are building our own table!” Giving women the opportunity to to bask in self care feels righteous as we have often been made to feel that is selfish. Taking care of our own needs as women allows us to better help our families and communities. It's really win/win.

Are there community events or initiatives that you are particularly proud of?

Cannabinoids such as CBD can improve quality of life for so many people in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, these products are not covered by health insurance, and prices of premium cannabis extracts are not accessible for all – including those who may need them most.

TribeTokes has partnered with Dr. Lynn Parodneck to help close this gap by connecting patients in need with free CBD products. Dr Parodneck is offering a certain number of free personalized educational evaluations each month ($350 value) to select patients who qualify, and TribeTokes is donating the products they need free of charge. Dr. Parodneck is one of the leading medical marijuana practitioners in New York State.

What future plans or developments can customers look forward to from your company?

We are so excited to expand into the Adult Use Market of Maryland where we have been awarded a processing license. Expect the same quality and products that TribeTokes was built on! 

How do you see your company evolving in the next few years?

Our goal is to continue launching wellness products that customers can trust.

How can our community learn more about your products ?

Please head to our website for a robust wealth of information on our products and company. Also follow us on IG @tribetokes

What is the best way for interested attendees to connect with your company or learn more? Website: IG @tribetokes

Founders LinkedIn Degelis Pilla + Kymberly Byrnes

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