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CBD Elixirs

Formulated to complement your body's natural rhythm and Cannabinoid Clock. Designed to achieve noticeable results with just a simple microdose, these Elixirs are 50% more effective due to their high bio-availability. Created to help you take a small step towards wellness, one drop at a time. 100% Vegan friendly
Extreme Formulation Tincture

The “Extreme” tincture is formulated with a whole-plant hemp extract and a range of essential oils of medicinal herbs. This tincture contains a minimum of 134mg of CBD per milliliter, in addition to other non-intoxicating cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.
Hair, Body & Face Oil

A hydrating and revitalizing skin & hair oil infused with Lavender and Chamomile herbs and Essential Oils.  Hand crafted with love and Full Extract Cannabis Oil from Hemp Flowers. This versatile oil can be used on the face, beard, hair and body to help with dryness, scarring, rashes, split ends and sunburns or just to simply get that refreshing after shower glow!
CBD Pain Relief Cream

TribeREVIVE pain cream has been described by chronic pain patients as “life changing”.  This formulation contains nature’s strongest anti-inflammatories (CBD, arnica, wild marjoram, jojoba and aloe), 3 different cooling agents (menthol, peppermint and wintergreen) and nourishing coconut and eucalytpus oil for soft, supple skin – without being greasy! Works immediately.
Cooling & Warming Muscle Rubs

Packaged in a convenient metal tin with a screw top lid, this is the perfect product to take on the go for use at the gym, the office, and at home. Great for use after working out or any strenuous activity. Formulated with full spectrum hemp extract with a minimum of 300mg of CBD per 1 oz tin, and infused herbal olive oil containing herbs and essential oils.

CBD Oil improved my quality of life tremendously, I used to wake up with a lot of anxiety and had difficulty focusing and getting work done. Since I started taking it my demeanor has changed. I am more calm, have less racing thoughts and way more energy. I recommend this to anyone who suffers from anxiety, nervousness and trouble concentrating.  - Johnny Burey

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