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Let's Heal Together

Our Classes are Designed by Knowledgeable Teachers to Empower Your Own Self Healing Journey

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Restorative Yoga

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Our Services
  • Discover the benefits of combining plant medicines with Yoga.

    1 hr
    60 US dollars
  • Learn the benefits of hacking your own breath & nervous system

    30 min
    30 US dollars
  • Get the support you need to find your balance.

    1 hr
    50 US dollars
  • A partner practice that integrates Yoga, Acrobatics & Thai Massage

    1 hr 30 min
    150 US dollars
  • A guided Russian Bath House experience with yoga & breathwork

    4 hr 30 min
    100 US dollars
One on One

As a beginner to yoga, also incorporating CBD into the mix helped chill my nerves on it being my first time. And good thing it did because It was such a relaxing and amazing time that now I go regularly. Everyone should try a class!     - Danny Chediak

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