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Fun Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness

Fun Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness

Mindfulness Month is here and with it, a helpful reminder to direct your focus to the present moment- just being you, exactly as you are. Anyone can be mindful with enough practice! As long as they work on developing a present-centered awareness in which thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise, are acknowledged and accepted without judgment or attachment.

There are many ways to cultivate awareness to reep the benefits of mindfulness almost instantly.

These practices allow us to observe subconscious programming also known as our default mode and bring us to a state of more control and observation so that we can change our perspective on things that we need to, especially those causing stress and distractions. For example, let's say you want to try something for the first time but your mind and body automatically react with doubt and fearful thoughts of not being good enough. In a mindful state, you would have the choice to detach from these thoughts and sensations by observing them only, like clouds passing by. You may then understand where these thoughts and emotions are coming from and how they may be distracting you from your true intention, which is learning something new. Mindfulness gives us a choice to react differently by not becoming attached and immediately believing our emotions and thoughts as a complete truth. Although it may feel otherwise, you are actually not your thoughts or emotions, you are their observer and you have a choice to give them attention or release them. As a result of being mindful, we create a more spacious way of being that is less reactive, more intentional and joyful. Below are a few ways to develop your mindfulness! Breathing Exercises Mindfulness cultivates our ability to bring mindful attention to the things happening inside and outside of us in the present moment. In these moments of awareness we can observe things that might be missed when the mind is in autopilot and in twenty different places, such as our breath !

Breathing techniques helps us control and redirect our emotions and reactions, heart beat, Nervous system, Respiratory rate and more!

In classes, the breath is usually guided by the instructor to be directed to specific places in the body using mindfulness. "Wherever your awareness goes that's where the breath goes" This is an amazing tool for developing inner awareness, self-healing and discovery! Practice Yoga Yoga is a great way to cultivate mindfulness. The practice allows us to develop inner awareness through movement, breathing, meditation and mindfulness. Therefore strengthening the connection between the breath, body and mind.

As you flow through your practice, your thoughts, emotions and sensations are more likely to be noticed. Giving you the opportunity to practice redirecting your attention and energy when the mind wanders, by bringing it back to the present moment without judgement.

Cannabis Using Cannabis also cultivates inner awareness by enhancing your ability to feel sensations, helping you relax, calming the mind and stimulating the balance system in your body, The Endocannabinoid System. Mindfulness and the sense of being aware of what's going on internally and externally is a major part of Endocannabinoid System function which creates homeostasis by managing stress and supporting peace and balance within you while also being aware of the external chaos.

Meditation & Intention The goal of meditation is not to control your thoughts, it's to stop letting them control you. Meditation alters our relationship with our thoughts by allowing us to observe them without believing them.

Setting intentions during your meditation can help you be clear and committed to your goals. Allowing you to rewire your way of thinking by creating new thought patterns, actions and emotions that you want to welcome into your life. An example of setting an intention would be "Today I intend to focus on being and feeling grateful !" Be Mindful of Others We often talk about mindfulness in relation to our-self, because your relationship with others is also a reflection of your relationship with yourself. To practice mindfulness with others you have to challenge the way you think and relate to yourself, other people and the world. To be mindful of others means to be more patient and compassionate to the people around you. Practice listening to people carefully without judgment, acknowledging and respecting their worth. Put yourselves in another's shoes, be empathetic by being mindful of others feelings and emotions. Practice Self awareness in your communication and behavior with others. Cultivating these mindful techniques can enhance the connection and understanding of yourself and the world around you.

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