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Revitalize Your Lungs: A Roadmap to Recovery After an Infection

These days more than ever, preventative health is essential. Even though we may think that what we are doing to maintain our health and balance is enough, we may still need to stock up on some natural remedies in case we do come down with something in these cold winter months.

As a result of a recent and serious respiratory infection, I decided to share my top lung rescue natural remedies in case you too end up needing to restore your lung health.

Our environment is full of toxins and the first thing they touch is our lungs. This creates cellular damage, inflammation and irritation in the lungs. If you are a smoker, you may already have inflammation and irritation from the combustion of your papers. Whether organic, raw or not, the burning paper and heat still creates stress for our lungs. As a result of the cellular damage, come bacteria and fungi to eat up the mess.

If your immune system is compromised and the cellular damage and toxin overload in your lungs is enough to make your lungs a very hospitable environment for bacteria, fungal and viral overgrowth, you may experience an infection. This infection can become life threatening for many, especially in these colder months.

Most people at the sign of a cough will see a medical doctor and receive an antibiotic treatment. Unfortunately, antibiotics not only wipe out the bacteria in your lungs, but they will also wipe out the first line of defense in your body - the good bacteria.

The human body has more non-human cells, than human cells.

What are all these non-human cells? Well bacteria and fungus! The human microbiome is very complex and unique to each individual. As a result, there is an ecosystem that is always in balance and keeping itself in check. The bacteria makes sure the fungus does not get out of hand, and vise versa. If there is a tip in the scale, well, there will be consequences.

In the case of antibiotics wiping out your good bacteria results in damaged gut health and compromised immunity. Which leaves you more exposed than you were before. Fungus can now reck havoc and grow as it pleases.

Dr. Barbara O'neill states in her book Self Heal by Design that the human body can only handle about 2 courses of antibiotics before there is permanent damage. Imagine, All these doctors are overprescribing antibiotics without acknowledging the delicate and unique microbiotic ecosystem within each human body!!

As a result, opting for natural antibiotics and anti-fungal therapies may be of your best interest.

One of my most priced posessions in my supplement cabinet is Colloidal Gold. Yes! it is real gold. Atom sized particles floating in a distilled water solution that looks pink to the eye.

Now In my case I went straight for the colloidal gold and nebulizer at the first sign of a lingering coungh and obvious respiratory infection. Everytime I nebulized my lungs relaxed and opened up. I felt so much relief. Now as with any natural remedies, consistency and patience is key. This is not a quick pill fix all! This is nature and it takes time and supplementation with other natural therapies. I nebulized 3x per day for one month.

The next best thing after colloidal gold for me, was determining what I could eat that could help me fight this infection. Diet is crucial during times of illness. I went straight for the antifungal diet designed by Barbara O'neill. Barbara O'neill states that sugar is bacteria and fungus' favorite food after cleaning your cellular damage.

For example, if there is nothing more to clean up, what you would expect naturally is for these pathogens to starve off and disappear once the food source is depleted. However, if we continue exposure to toxins and irritants or if we have a diet rich in sugars, starches and dairy, well these opportunistic organisms will continue to hang around while that is available and the infection will linger.

As a result, I cut off the main sources of infection, toxins, pollutants, molds, sugar, breads, pastries, fruits and juices. Also, I suggest you skip the fried inflammatory foods, switch the fries, for grilled sweet potatoes and the rice for quinoa or brown rice. Swap the bread for gluten free sourdough bread. This is similar to a candida diet that you can research online. Although there are many mixed opinions on what you should or should not eat, the premise is to cut off the sweet tasting food and go for more clean foods, higher in protein, greens and fats. Include foods that are natural antibiotic and antifungal.

This is temporary, until the infection subsides, unless it is chronic than you may need to stay on it for a few months.

The following are my favorite anti-microbial foods which helped me in clearing the respiratory infection

All Organic




Red Onions

Leafy Greens




Extra virgin coconut oil


Brown rice

Chicken Soup

Now that we have covered diet, let's talk supplements! These are the supplements I took during my recovery which I highly recommend you incorporate into your daily health regime.( I'm no Doc so check with you healthcare practitioner)

Vitamin C


Vitamin D

Milk Thistle


Vitamin E




Occassional THC Oil to help me sleep

My respiratory infection was not isolated to my lungs. I also suffered a throat and sinus infection simultaneaously which I treated with three amazing products you can find on amazon.

Sinus rinse with netti Pot & French Sea Salt

Sinus Spray with Oregano, Clove, Sage & Bay leaf essential oils

Throat Spray for glands and immune support

Another amazing resource I had which gave me much comfort was having an herbalist one call away which I called at the first sign of trouble.

He customized a ticture and herbal tea based on all my symptoms and Uber packaged it to me within hours of my call. His name is Jim Furey and he is from Kinnelon, NJ. He runs a shop called Integrative Herbalism and I highly recommend you check him out for any health issues. He offers an amazing services and you will often find him selling herbs at our events. Including this one coming up on December 9th!

I drank my tea and tincture 3 times per day as per his instructions and recovered within a couple of weeks.

Keeping your stress low and releasing any negative energy toward any people or situations is also very important for a complete recovery. Stay positive, have patience, and believe that you're body is healing, don't doubt it. Let go of the fear and victim mentality. Trust that you are getting better everyday. Listen to specific healing frequencies you can find on spotifyl or soundcloud.

We have yoga playlists at 432Hz by our resident DJ Sol + Blessed.

I practiced Qi Gong every morning to help my energy, lymphatic fluids and blood circulate effectively. I highly recommend doing a Qi gong youtube class on lung recovery.

Also, Journal your experience so that you can too share your healing journey with the world.

Happy Healing :)



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