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June is a time to honor and support our LGBTQIA+ community. Pride month is an opportunity to show love, to observe, listen and be educated. It is a time of expression geared toward anyone who feels like their sexual identity falls outside the mainstream, although many straight people also join the celebrations!

Unfortunately, LGBTQIA+ individuals often face chronic stress from inequalities, discrimination and lack of support. This often leads to emotional trauma, mental disorders and unhealed and misunderstood individuals that have no one to express themselves to. Many people learn that not all health providers understand their experiences. These negative interactions with providers can mean that they are less likely to seek help when they need it most.

Some people find Cannabis as an alternative self-therapy. We decided to ask a few members of our SannaOhana Yoga community to share with us how Cannabis has benefited their lives mentally, physically and/or emotionally.

Let's hear it!

Kait Caridi

Pronoun: She/Her

"Cannabis consumption has played a huge role in my self love journey. It's helped me with self expression and discovering my identity."

Seth Sapphire ¡AuricVoltage.Co

Pronoun: He/Him

Age 36

"Cannabis has allowed me to allow myself to live a life free of pain suffering and anxiety it has connected me to so many wonderful people and experiences I'm very appreciative of this very blessed and sacred plant. "


Pronoun: She/Her

Age 40


"I feel that cannabis has helped me a lot. I used to have really bad anxiety and traditional (American) meds just made me feel worse. Once I started using cannabis I found myself more at ease and able to interact with folks easier. I think cannabis is a miracle medicine it has so many amazing properties but for me it allows me to be my authentic self "

Jonathan Edward Goodman

Age: 50

Pronoun: He/Him

"I have been smoking cannabis since I was in high school. I always knew that I was gay from a very early age but I didn't fully experience gay culture and sex until college.

When I graduated college I worked in the corporate world, which was a mistake on so many levels. I couldn't smoke because they drug tested. I couldn't express myself because of the culture. So for about 20 years I didn't partake in the pleasure of cannabis and I avoided conversations about dating and relationships.

Then several years ago I experienced what I call a confluence of influence. Several things happened to me at the same time. First, I injured my back to the point I was meeting with doctors preparing for surgery. Then my relationship of over 15 years ended and the business I ran for ten years failed.

As I was preparing to have back surgery I started dating again and I met a guy who smoked. The first time I smoked with him I fell asleep for seven hours and woke up without any pain in my back. I couldn't believe it.

Over the next several years I focused on my health using yoga, cannabis and CBD to improve my back strength while dropping the weight I had put on while working in the corporate world.

Cannabis truly saved my life. It has allowed me to live pain free without the need of risky surgeries. It has allowed me to reconnect with who I am and feel proud to be gay. I love my life now and it is one hundred percent due to cannabis. "


Age: 36

Pronoun: She/Her

"I came out as a cannabis user at 15 and as a queer woman at 21. I struggled a lot with coming out internally. I had a support system at home, both my parents have siblings from the LGBTQ Community, but I was still overwhelmed with anxiety. It wasn't a smooth transition for me, and naturally cannabis became my support system. Besides the anxiety I was feeling everyday, I was an emotional wreck. Smoking weed calmed me down, and allowed me to gain a more clear perspective on my identity. It allowed me to feel more open, and comfortable with myself throughout those early years of struggling to come out."

Self love, Self expression, Self compassion and connection are some of the benefits that result from Cannabis use for many. The Cannabis plant allows individuals to express themselves more freely and heal from physical pain, and mental and emotional conditions that arise from the stress of having to live conforming with society's expectations of their sexuality. So this June we encourage you to Choose Love and Choose Happy!

SannaOhana Yoga & Wellness

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