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Autumn Equinox Cannascope

AstroG is back with some cosmic guidance for our Autumn Equinox ! Enjoy your guidance and Cannabis strain suggestion to go with the flow these upcoming months.

ARIES: Kush Mints Be aware of your spending habits. Even though you've earned it, you may need it more for unexpected bills. Save as much as you can.

TAURUS: Passion Fruit Your life may need a boost of spontaneity. You enjoy life when you let go of control. Don't be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone.

GEMINI: Purple Pound Cake Careful with messages; via texts, verbal, contracts, meetings, etc. Make sure to respond or look over things with a clear mind.

CANCER: Runtz Buttonz It's time to take a deep look at grudges you hold on to. Make amends in solitude, don't allow the past nor people to block your future blessings.

LEO: Grape Puff Who are you to the world, your surroundings? Who do you want to be for them? Most importantly, who are you to you? What measures will you take to be a, completed you.

VIRGO: Mandarin Cookies Finding out what your life purpose is or how to level up is your main focus. Thinking back to things you loved to do as an innocent child, may unlock the direction needed.

LIBRA: Lemon Trill Stop looking elsewhere for a sign or answers to start what you've been putting off, just begin it. A magician owns all the tools, it's time to put it to practice.

SCORPIO: Headbanger #7 Are you exactly where you want to be in life? Yes? Then, continue focusing on your mental/physical health. No? Then, it's time to focus on what you want and not what others have.

SAGITTARIUS: Desert Lime This is the best time for you to plan a vacation, that equals relaxation. Getting away even if it's a road trip, will recharge you enough to take on new tasks.

CAPRICORN: Grape Gasoline Life has probably been a bit chaotic. Things will start balancing out once you are able to make some bold moves. Cut toxic people out. It may hurt for a bit, but are you willing to hurt yourself for life?

AQUARIUS: Timewarp Truth surrounds you. Are there things that you have to own up to or stand up for? Maybe information will become present. Whatever it may be, it is long overdue and will correctly set things in order.

PISCES: Fog Dog Creativity has always been a natural gift. You have to utilize the magic you own to accomplish anything you set your mind to. You've heard this before, I'm sure. What are you waiting for now?

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