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4 Healthy ways you can celebrate with Cannabis this 420!

Cannabis users look forward to celebrating 420 all year. The international Cannabis holiday on April 20th has become such an important part of Cannabis culture that for many, its an everyday celebration at 4:20 PM. The smoking ritual has evolved into much more than just a time to smoke, it's a time for appreciation and gratitude for a medicine that continues to show us its versatility in healing the physical, mental and emotional body.

But how and where did this practice become part of our Cannabis culture?

Legend has it (Times Magazine) that this originated with 5 high school students in California known to meet up at 4:20 PM to smoke everyday. They were known as the "Waldos". One of the students named Reddix, eventually went to work with the Grateful Dead band which began to popularize the practice of smoking at 4:20PM. In 1990 a flyer was created by Deadheads in Oakland inviting people to smoke at 4:20PM on April 20th. The flyer landed in the hands of Steve Bloom, a former High Times Magazine reporter at the time and current publisher of Celebstoner. In 1991 the magazine published the flyer and continued to use the number 420 which later became adopted as an international code for Cannabis. There are many reasons why cannabis consumption on April 20th, at 4:20PM has become such a habitual practice - it is not just a time "to get high". Cannabis is good for maintaining health and balance in the body by activating the Endocannabinoid System. The plant contains an array of phytocannabinoids known to mimic endocannabinoids produced by our own brain. By stimulating the ECS, cannabis improves mood, sleep, pain, appetite, anxiety, mental disorders, physical, mental and emotional stress, and connection with oneself and others. With so many positive effects, it is no wonder that cannabis is celebrated everyday! If you ask us 4:20PM is a time for self care, where we can slow down and see things with a different perspective. Where we can share, connect and express ourselves with old and new friends. A time for community, education and self medication. Here are a few healthy methods you can celebrate with Cannabis this 420!

Inhale it Cannabis flower can be smoked in joints, blunts, cigars, bowls, bongs, pipes and vapes. Smoking is currently the most common method of cannabis consumption today- and on 420 even more so!

Inhaling Cannabis is the quickest way to feel its effects, the cannabinoids only take a few seconds to pass through the lungs and reach the bloodstream and brain. But if flower is not for you, you can also inhale Cannabis oil through dabbing or vaping.

Our suggestion: Treat your cannabis like you would your medicine or food, get top quality, ideally organic or home grown flower. For oils we suggest getting solventless extracts such as live rosin or hash rosin. Additionally, really hot dabs can burn your respiratory airways, try using cold starts a.k.a. reverse dabs - low temps allow for different flavor profiles and effects.

Ingest it Cannabis can be taken orally in its raw, infused or cooked form. The different options of foods cannabis can be added to are infinite. In addition to edibles though, you can also enjoy the benefits of cannabis with tinctures, capsules, sprays, dissolvable strips and even drinks. It's nutritional value and effects depend on which form it is consumed in. Mostly because at different temperatures different nutrients become accessible for the digestive tract to absorb.

Our suggestion: If you dont want to get super high you can juice the raw cannabis leaves everyday, the plant is full of chlorophyll and it is extremely nutritious. If you want the high, remember that edibles take longer to take effect, and the effects are stronger and last longer. Use them when you really need to relax, sleep or need pain relief. One quick and traditional way to ingest cannabis is by simmering the flower in any kind of milk and making a cannabis tea.

Apply it Using Cannabis topically is a great way to enjoy the pain relief and skin healing properties of the plant without the high. You can find all different kinds of balms, creams, lotions, massage oils, hair treatments and even bath salts to enjoy.

Our suggestion: Use Cannabis topically on small cuts, burns, rashes or even as your regular skin and hair care routine. Enjoy an epsom salt & cannabis bath bomb once or twice a week to help you relax, restore your energy and detox.

Share it One of the many impressive qualities of Cannabis is its ability to connect all different kinds of people from different walks of life. When we celebrate cannabis we also celebrate its communal culture so don't forget to share the good vibes this 420! Our suggestion: Get lit with your friends! But in the case that you can't, share the knowledge, share the history, share the culture and share its peaceful and positive spirit with the world around you.

Happy 420!!!

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