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Tips to Stay Healthy during Travel

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Whether you are joining us at our wellness retreat in May or traveling to see your family for vacation, these are very effective suggestions we personally use & practice to stay healthy during our adventures abroad. We hope you incorporate some of these tips in your journey.

Fun & Safe travels!

1. Get enough sleep - Not sleeping enough lowers your immune system, during travel it is very important that your immune system is strong and that stress is minimal so that the body can adapt appropriately to all the changes you are about to experience.

If you have to choose between a red-eye flight or one where you can maintain your sleeping schedule, opt for the latter. Otherwise, be sure to sleep really well before your flight or during your flight. A great option is to take a small edible during your flight. Be sure to take only an amount you can handle though. We don't want you paranoid in the plane or missing your connecting flight!

2. Hydrate - We are exposed to thousands of toxins wherever we go, one of the best ways to keep your elimination organs working properly is to stay well hydrated. Opt for BPA free water bottles in the airport. Our favorite brands is Fiji but if its not available, Smart Water is our second choice.

3. Eat light weight foods like salad, fruit or opt to fast - Airplane food is highly processed and acidic. Avoid the sugary wafer cookie or salty pretzels and bring your own food from home. You have the right to bring a small bag with food and snacks as long as there is nothing liquid. We usually bring fresh fruit, dry fruit and nuts.

4. Tea, Lemons & Honey - are your best friend. Healthy food is hard to come by while traveling, even more difficult is finding a tea shop. We personally can't settle for the classic Lipton teas and need to bring our own arsenal of tea bags. Why? Teas are medicine and once

you begin to appreciate all their properties, you realize that teas are the most important part of your travel first aid kit. We love dandelion tea, ginger tea, hibiscus tea, pine needle tea, echinacea tea and many more. We usually bring a small zip lock full of different types of tea with a few lemons, small honey and our favorite travel kettle which is the size of a water bottle.

Baking soda also known as natural mineral sodium bicarbonate is another amazing addition to your first aid kit. An 1/8th to a 1/4th of a teaspoon of this versatile powder can be added to 8 oz of warm water and 1 full lemon for alkalizing benefits. This is a great way to prevent getting sick from cold/ flus, digestive upsets and toxicity.

5. Opt for a pat down - We are elelctromagnetic beings and too much radiation affects our health & wellbeing. As if phones weren't enough, traveling exposes us to a ton of different electromagnetic frequencies that interfere with our natural vibration and electro-magnetic field. This weakens our immune system and has a cascade of negative effects on our physiology. When going through TSA we always opt for a pat down. You have the right to refuse going through the body scanner and instead have a TSA agent pat you down. Make sure to account for an extra 15 - 20 minutes for this process.

6. Wear grounding crystals - Continuing the topic of harmful emfs, wearing jewelry that help

you stay grounded such as copper or crystals that have grounding qualities is very helpful. We love to use Tourmaline or Shungite bracelets and Necklaces.

7. Take your supplements - There are many natural whole food vitamins & herbal supplements that can help you stay healthy throughout your travels. We take vitamin C and D, Zinc, Ashwaghanda, Mushrooom Immune support complex, multi-vitamins, shilajit, sea moss to mention a few.

To see the full list of supplements we take daily check our Wellness Shopping Guide with clickable links.

8. Take epsom salt baths to ground, reduce stress, toxin build up and restore your electro-magnetic field.

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