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Wellness Shopping Guide

Updated: Jul 5

here are infinite ways to achieve wellness thanks to Nature! All you have to do is try and see what works best for you. Whether is breath-work, yoga, cannabis, exercise, hikes, saunas or supplements. Figuring out what you need is very much dependent on the kind of lifestyle that you live and the stressors in your environment.

As city dwellers we understand that our lifestyle is not the most natural one. There is an infinite amount of stressors that interfere with our body's ability to heal and achieve balance. This is why we need to do our best to maintain a close relationship with nature, specifically using natural ways to supplement and help the body come back to balance. We have compiled a list of things we incorporate into our daily lives to maintain our health and prevent disease. If you know us personally, you know we live on the go but still maintain a lifestyle that prioritizes our health and well-being. We understand navigating through tons of pages full of products may be confusing and overwhelming to start. As a result, we embedded links in each of the items listed below with the products we personally use. These products are mostly from amazon and they do have an associate link embedded..

As with any dietary supplement, please consult with your healthcare practitioner before using these products, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, giving product to children, anticipate surgery, take medication (especially blood thinners) on a regular basis or are otherwise under medical supervision. If you take medications to control any chronic condition, speak to your doctor before adding any new herbal treatment to your routine.

We do our best to use only the highest quality products; organic, raw, whole food with no harmful fillers, preservatives, colors or sugars. We ask that you please verify yourself and check for any allergens if allergies are present.

Morning Supplements - Improve immunity - Antibacterial/Antifungal Supplements


Teas & Drinks

Usually a combination of some these with one full organic lemon, organic raw honey and a dab Shilajit

Detoxification Protocols (we do a few times per year)


We take these with our first meal of the day, either after intermittent fasting or after breakfast

Vitamin B Complex ( not for people with the MTHFR mutation)

Cleaning Products/ Hygiene/ Self Care Products

Our EMF protection products

Workout Gear

Magnesium Oil  Before going to bed or jumping in the shower

Non Toxic Kitchen Tools

All of these products we personally use and love. There is nothing in this list that we haven't tried for at least a couple of months or years! If you have any questions or would like us to recommend something that is not in this list. Please leave it in the comments below.

Written by: Estefania Valencia

Updated on 7/5/2024

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