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Intuitive CannaScope Guidance

An exciting new addition to our Newsletters! Presented by AstroG.

This is not your ordinary guidance for this summer transition. Our good friend G also picks out the best cannabis strain for your sign this season!

What are you waiting for? Read on!


Strain: Dolato

Be weary of tough situations. They're temporarily here to distract you from your end goal. Don't allow yourself to be deterred from things you truly believe in or want to move forward on. TAURUS

Strain: Berry Pie Please prioritize, and focus on the things you need. Comparing your success, or lack of it, to others will only push you further back from being successful. GEMINI

Strain: White Tahoe Cookies Stop allowing yourself to stay stuck under stressful situations. Will you stand up and fight the unexpected? Don't fall victim to unprecedented circumstances.


Strain: Laughing Buddha The majority of you will find yourself lost over an opportunity/desire/outcome that doesn't seem reachable at the moment. You actually may know deep down, within your intuition, if it's TRULY worth it or not. BUT You KNOW. LEO

Strain: Ice Cream Someone with light hair will be predominantly significant in your life. Could be someone close, or family, over dealings with finances. Be firm, direct, and don't give into factors of "I've known this person for X amount of years." It is more than fine to set boundaries and say NO. VIRGO

Strain: XXX OG Great luck in finances. Make sure to pay attention to investments, offers and contracts. Cross your T's and dot your I's. You definitely know the deal but, just in case, be extra careful when making plans.


Strain: Strawberry Haze For the past year, it was a bit unclear on how to get on the road to success. Breakthrough is near. In order to gain access to the path you need to take, do not lose hope nor patience, PLEASE! You got this. SCORPIO

Strain: ECSD The struggle has been real, but triumph is near. The struggles are lessons needed. The quicker you learn, the easier it is to pass the tests of life.


Strain: Candyland Please be aware of drama involving any chances of you being accused of anything missing or misplaced. It may get messy. Stay away from holding a purse, babysitting someone's home, holding money etc. CAPRICORN

Strain: King Louis Be alert of the people around you. There may be some envy or shade directed towards either your relationship with someone specific or with something you may be waiting on. AQUARIUS

Strain: Triangle Kush There may be a difficult time or obstacle that may stand in the way of your happiness. Allow your loyal allies to aid you in finding the best solution. It's wise to accept help.


Strain: G13 There may be some tough lessons up ahead. Don't let this discourage nor deter you from the path to your success. There seems to be some lessons that still need to be properly analyzed in order to move on forward.

Author: Ginnel Sandoval

IG: @Astrogtarot

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